Indoor Air Quality in Montgomery County Md

 There is certification place that calls itself the "Indoor Air Quality Association".

From the IAQA website I found this:

Hire a Qualified Professional

Indoor air quality problems can have a major impact on occupant health and comfort. When indoor air quality issues arise, it is important to make sure that only highly-qualified individuals are called upon to investigate, mitigate and confirm that a problem has been properly resolved.

The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) offers the premiere IAQ educational courses in the industry. Those IAQA members who have received this education and had the experience and knowledge to earn independent certification by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ) are among the most qualified IAQ experts in the world.

IAQA members with AmIAQ certifications are the experts called upon by the general public and building management to provide practical solutions to complex IAQ problems.

Hire Only the Best – Trained and Certified IAQA Members

When hiring a professional consultant or contractor it is important to hire a company with qualified and certified staff that will be following industry standards and guidelines to ensure a job done right.

IAQA offers training course for various kinds of IAQ and mold specialists, including assessment and remediation programs available to IAQA members in the various indoor air disciplines.

Indoor Environmental Quality Consulting Course

* Indoor Environmental Consultant
* Indoor Environmentalist

Microbial Assessment Course

* Microbial Consultant
* Microbial Investigator
* Residential Mold Inspector

Microbial Remediation Courses

* Mold Remediation Supervisor
* Mold Remediator
* Mold Remediation Technician

IAQA recommends and endorses the certification programs of the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ), an independent certification body. AmIAQ offers board-awarded certification in categories closely corresponding to IAQA educational programming. To become certified, an individual must meet experience eligibility requirements and pass a rigorous examination. Those who obtain IAQA training and earn AmIAQ certifications have demonstrated experience, education, and knowledge.

AmIAQ is a member of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) and has certification programs accordance with CESB rules.

Finding a Qualified Professional
IAQA has made the process of finding these qualified professionals easy.
Click here to search for a member in your region by area code. A list of current IAQA members will appear.

IAQ Professionals Should be able to supply their customers with:

* Company qualifications, including certifications
* Start and completion dates for the project
* Certificate of insurance & applicable licenses
* References

What to look for when Hiring an IAQ Consultant or Contractor

Studies have shown that most people spend 90% of their time in indoor environments. Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues impact the lives of people across the globe. Problems with poor air quality in buildings and homes can result in health concerns, liability issue, lost productivity, and decreased property values.

IAQ problems in non-industrial buildings such as homes, schools and offices are often caused by complex, inter-related issues. Diagnosing and fixing the sources of poor IAQ may require the professional expertise of one or more consultants or contractors. It is important that individuals be highly qualified to fully investigate, identify and/or mitigate the total problem according to recognized industry standards and guidelines. Verification of contracting or remediation work, if requested, should be conducted by an equally qualified third-party consultant.

Many firms are available today to help find solutions to IAQ problems. However, in most parts of the country the IAQ industry is not regulated. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you utilize a qualified professional.

The good news is there is an easy way to make sure that only qualified individuals and firms deal with these complex problems. The largest organization of trades and professionals dealing with IAQ issues is the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Since 1995, IAQA has delivered the industry’s most prestigious and respected IAQ and mold training programs. Many IAQA course alumni with sufficient experience and knowledge have also become certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ), prestigious, independent certification body for the industry. These trained and certified professionals are available to resolve your IAQ issues.

For more information, please contact:

Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc.
12339 Carroll Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (301) 231-8388
Fax: (301) 231-8321
E-mail: info@iaqa.org

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