Prices Charged for Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning services in Maryland offering low prices, the lowdown
Many companies promise to clean air ducts for incredible low prices like $ 79 whole house coupons but don’t actually have the proper equipment, training or even the intention to provide real results. And what’s worse? Improper air duct cleaning can cause health problems in your family.
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Air Duct Cleaning Pricing
Depending on type of method that is chosen by the individual, the price for their air duct cleaning or furnace cleaning will vary. Not only does the method help to establish a basic price range, but these other factors will help as well: type of system, size of system, how long it will take to complete the duct cleaning process and how long the worker invests him or herself in the process of duct cleaning. Not all companies in Maryland take all of these things into consideration, but they do rely heavily on one or more of these topics in order to come up with an estimate. In addition, one may consider how difficult or easy it is to access a unit that needs to be cleaned, the climate of the area in Maryland that the house is situated in, and the level of focus or concentration that the worker requires in order to successfully complete his job.

Whoever may be performing the air duct or furnace cleaning process will likely also affect the price. Most often, the specific dollar amount can range anywhere from $450 to over $1,000. If a person has been able to set up a quality reputation in the field of duct cleaning, then odds are they will be able to charge a higher fee for their air duct cleaning services. However, their competition may not be able to charge as much, simply because they do not have the same clout that their duct cleaning competition has been able to create.

Suggestions for Choosing a Duct Cleaning Service Provider

To find companies that provide duct cleaning services contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) at the address and phone number in the information section located at the end of this guidance. Do not assume that all duct cleaning service providers are equally knowledgeable and responsible. Talk to at least three different service providers and get written estimates before deciding whether to have your ducts cleaned. When the service providers come to your home, ask them to show you the contamination that would justify having your ducts cleaned.
bulletDo not hire duct cleaners who make sweeping claims about the health benefits of duct cleaning -- such claims are unsubstantiated. Do not hire duct cleaners who recommend duct cleaning as a routine part of your heating and cooling system maintenance. You should also be wary of duct cleaners who claim to be certified by EPA. EPA neither establishes duct cleaning standards nor certifies, endorses, or approves duct cleaning companies.
bulletDo not allow the use of chemical biocides or chemical treatments unless you fully understand the pros and the cons (See "Unresolved Issues of Duct Cleaning).
bulletCheck references to be sure other customers were satisfied and did not experience any problems with their heating and cooling system after cleaning.
bulletContact your county or city office of consumer affairs or local Better Business Bureau to determine if complaints have been lodged against any of the companies you are considering.
bulletInterview potential service providers to ensure:

  • they are experienced in duct cleaning and have worked on systems like yours;
  • they will use procedures to protect you, your pets, and your home from contamination; and
  • they comply with NADCA's air duct cleaning standards and, if your ducts are constructed of fiber glass duct board or insulated internally with fiber glass duct liner, with the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association's (NAIMA) recommendations.
bulletAsk the service provider whether they hold any relevant state licenses. As of 1996, the following states require air duct cleaners to hold special licenses: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Texas. Other states may require them as well.
bulletIf the service provider charges by the hour, request an estimate of the number of hours or days the job will take, and find out whether there will be interruptions in the work. Make sure the duct cleaner you choose will provide a written agreement outlining the total cost and scope of the job before work begins.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

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